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The Hatton family arrived in America from Hereford, England. The direct descendants have lived in the Counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Shropshire and other counties called the Mid-Marches.More to Come....
The Exley family is really the Oechsle family of Murrharht, Germany. The father of Henry (Heinrich) Exley (Oechsle) was August Oechsle. The Tombstone reads Oechsle(y). The y (an English Addition)is not correct..
Henry Exley married Mertie Cecilia Potter the granddaughter of George Whitefield Potter and Camillia Bliss. Both of these families are found in early American genealogies and are Mayflower Descendants.
Many of the families listed on this page are related and are descendants from the first American Families.
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This is a large Site and I have not placed links on all pages, so it is best to click your back button to look at the various pages. The research section is excellent for researching any family, and you night want to bookmark it for your own research. It is especially important to the families mentioned because a great deal od documentation as to our genealogy is found there.
The Civil War letters were written by my gg-grandfather George Gilbert Potter. The interesting part is that while George was serving many of his cousins were also. By the time the Civil War had started the Potter families of New England had spread through-out the to the mid west. In order to enjoy the entire site several visits are needed. We wish the best and anxiously await your return.
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