This Page is devoted to Proud Moments  And was started 12-15-2000. How our family serves our  communities and our Nation.
The above Coat of Arms was sent to me sometime ago by, I beleive Dick Dutton. The Dutton and Hatton families are related.
Bliss Crest-Coat of Arms
Basic Hatton Crest
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These pages are to acknowledge our family members for their service to our communties and our Nation.
It is about services rendered because they are needed, and there is no other purpose but to serve.
These are the people that most will never know, but we will, and we are thankful.
As a family we will know .
We are very proud of the years of service that Paul dedicated to his community and we are grateful to those that appreciated his contribution and recognized his efforts. We thank you.........
We are proud of the Orlowski and Hatton families in the building of Trinity Lutheran Church. We are proud that the Exley family continues to support the Church.
Ernie's Community  Awards 1965........Harrisburg, Penna. for heading up restoration of Downtown area.
Robert " Arnold" Exley recieves Medal from the Korea Conflict. I'll put up thr news clipping when I get it.
Outstanding Citizens award Seminole County 1998.
That's enough...
More coming.....keep us posted ! text.
Dawn in the top 1% College Students etc.
Paul Hatton gets his Patent through.....Congratulations.
Paul Hatton has Batting Cage dedicated in his honor for twenty years of Community Service.
Ernie Hatton recieve's Seminole County, Fl. Community Serice Award.
Noreen Hatton recieves Life Time Achievement Award from the Disney Company!