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Taken from an Ambrotype.
George Whitefield Potter was a Preacher and Farmer who traveled through-out eastern Pennsylvania. He was a controversial man in his time, strictly preaching from the Bible. on of Deacon Daniel Potter seven years a Revolutionary Soldier and 42 years a preacher. George was a well educated man and taught his children as well. He was born in  Hartwick, Otsego County, New York on July 9, 1806 and died in Forks, now Forksville PA, on December 6, 1876. He is buried in Forksville along side his wife Camilla Bliss Potter born December 7, 1809 near Hartwick, Binghamton N.Y. Camilla died January 15, 1888 in Forks, PA. The graves and headstones still intact.
George Gilbert Potter was born 1842. He served in the Civil War and copies of his letters have been preserved. He is buried not far from the Potter farm in Sullivan County, PA.
Camilla Bliss father was Charles Bliss, her mother Abigail Rowley. Her grandfather was Colonel Aaron Rowley a most celebrated Revelutionary Soldier. Many realted members remained in New York State near the Pennsylvania border. Others traveled into the South and California. Many are found in MO.

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All of the above photographs were taken between 1850-1936.