Family Photographs
Trinity Chapel, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Mildred, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.  Most of the family members are buried here. Hatton, Potter, Exley, Orlowski and others.
Stained Glass windows given by Charles and William Hatton. Actually they are both Charles William Hatton Sr. and Jr. William is Sr. Charles Jr. The Orlowski families donated the remaing windows. Charles William and Louisa Orlowski  were the first couple married ion the Church. The Hatton and Orlowski families organized and built the Church. The Exley family became active and lare still very much involved as is the Beaver family. More later........
First photograph is of St. Michael's Church in Herefordshire, England. The Church of Cornelius Hatton and Jemima Davis Hatton. Most of their children were baptized in St. Michael's which was built close to the 1100s. The Hatton families were quite large in the Mid-March Counties, but most sailed for America, Australia, and Canada.
Franz " Frank" Orlowski Window, bottom only. There are two more for  Heinrich and Ludwig.
Our present church, St Lukes Lutheran.Our daughter attended school here from Pre-school through eight grade where she recieved the most wonderful education. The school was just enlarged and cannot be seen in this view. In fact, most of the church cannot be seen.The brick center part is the remaining part of the old church which was absolutely charming. Dawn has spent 22 years here and we are most grateful for her education and relgious training, not to mention the wonderful staff.
God Bless them all!
We purchased this window just over the entrance that was kept of the old church and dedicated it to Anna Marie Exley Hatton and Dorothy Ann Younglove Vice. I will attempt to take a photograph from the inside so that the beauty of the strained glass scene can be seen. It's simply beautiful.
Dedicated to our Mothers.
Below the family Lutheran Church in Prussiat.
Many of our German families attended this church which was later destroyed by the Polish Army.
The church destoyed. I guess they didn't like Germans or Lutherans
Still to come Trinty German Lutheran Church in Philadelphia where the first printing press was in effect.This is where I, Ernest 2nd. was baptised and confirmed.