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We have not yet proven the YOUNGLOVE ancestry past Harrison Younglove aka James H. Younglove and his wife Mary Jane Hoyt. Harrison is believed to have been born 1813-1816 in either N.Y. R.I. or PA. It is very likely he was born in Steuben Co., N.Y. or nearby. Mary Jane Hoyt was born in Hornell, Steuben County, New York on May 2, 1827 the daughter of unknown HOYT and unknown BIRCH. Both of these families are very likely to lead to early New England families of the 1600s. Any information regarding the ancestry of Harrison [ James H. Younglove ] and/or Mary Jane Hoyt born 1827 will be greatly appreciated.
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A great deal of information on the Youngloves has been graciously given by Younglove researcher Grace Younglove Hudson. A link to her temporary Site is noted under the Younglove-Munson Bible. .
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The proven ancestry starting with the youngest generation 1] D.A.Hatton 2] Noreen Marie Vice Hatton [ sister Darlene Ann Vice Griffin] 3] Dorothy Ann YOUNGLOVE Vice mrd. Richard Daniel Vice 4] Gairey YOUNGLOVE mrd. Anna Stetina 5] Nelson Franklyn YOUNGLOVE mrd. Sarah Jane MUNSON, daughter of Henry Munson ...see Munson family 6] Harrison YOUNGLOVE mrd. Mary Jane HOYT. See notes above regarding Harrison Younglove 1811-1816 and Mary Jane Hoyt May 2, 1827.
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Nelson Franklyn Younglove 1860-1942t.
Fort Wayne Indiana Newpaper
Nelson F. Younglove died as a result of an accident. He was climbing a ladder in his garage, fell and fractured his skull. The accident occured on September 10th. 1942 and he was proclaimmed dead on September 13th. He was in the care of a doctor from the 10th. to the 13th. with hospital care for the entire period..
Have not secured the actual Crest to date.
Sarah "Munson" Younglove born 1858 and Nelson Franklyn Younglove born 1860
Younglove Family in 1929. From right to left Unknown, Unknown, Gairey/Gary Younglove, Anna " Stetina" Younglove, in front; young Dorothy Ann Younglove, next in back Unknown, next to Anna first row..Unknown, far right Nelson Franklyn Younglove.Three generations of Youngloves with the birth of Nelson in 1860, son of James Harrison Younglove and Mary Jane "Hoyt" Younglove. If you have any information on the parents of Mary Jane Hoyt please email us..Her parents are listed only as Mr. Hoyt and Ms. Birch.There could be another spelling of the Birch name, but this is the spelling on the death certificate of Mary Jane born in N.Y. State C. 1826text.