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new book is now available and can be purchased
by sending an email directly to Michael. Just click on the email button on this page. Michael lives in England and we will tell you more about him within the next ten days. I an anxiously awaiting my copy of his new book. Those that would be related to Michael are Janet Greening Peters and the Greening family listed in the "Family Fireside" genealogy. My connection would be the marriage of Henry Greening and Mary Ann Hatton. Janet lives in the United States now.
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Family Fireside is not selling this book. You should contact Michael directly ....We are simply letting you know what is available.. as we do with all books of this nature.
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Also photograph of Henryand Mary Ann Greening about here
The book is 5 3/4" x 8 1/4" and has 112 pages which include a few blank pages for members to place their own notes. The color is an off white with the Greening Clock Makers name and the place name of Chepstow where the clocks were made. I have been to Chepstow and visited the museum where the Greening Clocks are displayed.The book would be of interest to most researching Gloucester, Hereford and Wales, in the area of Chepstow. I'll have more to add as soon as time allows, but here is a start....
The Greening"Coat of Arms" is an Engrailed Cross-in Red on a Silver Shield. The Crest, that goes above the shield, is a Nag's Head.
The price of the book is approx. $20.00 with shipping. You can contact Mike Greening
using the email above for more information.