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This is a new page under construction. I am going to comment on some facts not listed in the Genealogy.  Abigail ROWLEY was the mother of Camilla Bliss my GGGGrandmother. She married Charles BLISS.
The line from Ernest A. Hatton Jr. aks 2nd. is as follows. Anna Marie ( EXLEY) HATTON, Gordon Rudolphus EXLEY Sr., Mertie Cecelia ( EXLEY) POTTER, George Gilbert POTTER, George Whitefield POTTER married Camilla Bliss daugther of Charles BLISS and Abigail ROWLEY. This line leads back to Colonael Aaron ROWLEY of the Revolutionary War. The line leads to Moses ROWLEY who married Elizabeth FULLER, granddaughter of Edward FULLER of the Mayflower.
From T.W.ROWLEY, Abigail, noted above, was the 7th. child of 11 known children of Colonel Aaron ROWLEY, and his wife Ann RICHMOND. Colonel ROWLEY was a Revolutionary hero, and much has been written about him.
Quoting from a NSDAR application:
Aaron ROWLEY, place of residence during the Revolution was Richmond, Mass.
His service was enlistment along with two sons at Becket, MA. Captain at Ticonderoga and Bennington. Major of Berkshire Co. Militia in Burgoyne Campaign. Service record too long to enumerate detail.
Note: From T.W.ROWLEY- That is not a mistake that he married Anna RICHMOND. MA. The town's name had undergone a metamorphosis. Whether there was a familial connection is unknown, as we do not have her ancestry.
At the bottom of the Aaron ROWLEY Family page there appears a reference to your Charles BLISS, Husband of Abigail ROWLEY.
Note: Between all of our related families there are several links to the Mayflower and also the opportunity for Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.
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I have not commented on the vast Genealogy already noted................See a brief family history below.......
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Our Home as it is today...........Is that not beautiful! You can see three counties of Pennsylvania.
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Just another morning on my brother Paul Hatton and sister-in-law Kathy's place in Bucks County, Penna. This Forest has been owned by only two families since 1661. The first Quakers. Ernest Arnold Potter of the area, also a Quaker, appears to be related to both families.
The Orlowski and Melcher families said this country reminded them of Germany.
John Potter arrived in 1638, his brother William's family in 1635 with their mother Hannah Potter Beecher. They settled in Mass. colony. It was decided that the families needed/wanted their own colony. Based on stories told by the militia the area were New Haven, CT now stands would be the perfect place to settle. They sent out a group to look over the area with the thought that the following spring,if the area was satisfactory, the others would follow. Hannah Potter,widow, and the mother of William and John had remarried in England to John Beecher. John, also widowed, had a son by a previous marriage. The area was beautiful but the winter was difficult and John Beecher died and was buried in an unmarked grave to be found later. Both William and John Potter signed the document in 1639 declaring the New Haven Colony.
William's family left the area and some settled in N.J. John died early in the year 1643 to be followed by another John. He would be known as the father of the East Haven CT Potter family. I am descended from John Potter.
Our branch of the family left CT BETWEEN 1790-1800 as they were in CT in 1790 and appear in Otsego, N.Y. before 1800. Phineas Potter's will made in 1799 in Otsego, N.Y. His son Deacon Daniel Potter died 1828 and his graves states seven years a Revolutionary Soldier with a short biography. The graves of the family are in Hartwick, Otsego, N.Y.
Deacon Daniel Potter was married twice, first to Noami Crissey and then to widow Martha Sanders, after the death of Naomi. There was only one child born from the second marriage and he is my gggrandfather George Whitefield Potter. G.W.Potter married Camilla Bliss the daughter of Charles Bliss and Abigail Rowley Bliss.
Both the Bliss and Rowley families also arrived in the early 1600s.
Phineas Potter, Deacon Daniel Potter and Colonel Aaron Rowley all served in the Revolutionary War. Phineas Potter's wife was Dorcas Hinman, my gggggrandmother. Her father was also a Patriot and served in the assembly in 1776. More Hinmans served in the Revolutionary War than any other family. I am a descendant of the first Captain Titus Hinman.
The families of Deacon Daniel Potter, Congregationalist Church of Hartwick,Ostego,N.Y. and Charles Bliss lived in the town of Hartwick, Otsego, N.Y. The children of George Whitefield Potter and Camilla Bliss Potter were born in Fly Creek, Otsego, N.Y. About 1848 the family moved to Towanda, PA and shortly after to Forksville, PA in Sullivan County, about 60 milies from Otsego, N.Y. It was in Forksville that Abigail Potter, sister of George Gilbert married Moses Austin Rogers of the well known Rogers family and first settlers of the area.
Two sons of G.W.Potter and Camilla remained in the area. George Whitefield Potter and Camilla Bliss Potter are buried in Forksville, PA a short distance from the farm. Daniel Wellington Potter and my ggrandfather George Gilbert Potter. George Gilbert, with a letter from his father, joined the Union Army during the Civil War and a bit of personal history remains with the family in the form of two letters to his brother Daniel during the War.A sister lost four sons. After the Civil War my ggrandmother Mertie Cecelia Potter, and other children noted in the genealogy, were born. George Gilbert, known as Gilbert Potter, had married Louisa Catherine Hartman, whose family were descended from Hessian soldiers. At that time there were two farms about two miles apart owned by the two brothers, Daniel Wellington and George Gilbert Potter.
Mertie Cecelia Potter married Henry Charles Exley who was, in fact, Heinrich Charles Oechsley, son of August Oechsley buried at Peace Lutheran Church. They had several children, so noted. My grandfather was Gordon Rudolphus Exley 1st. Gordon married Anna Marie Gallagher born in Philadelphia. She was the daughter of Joseph James Gallagher and Bridgett Duffy.My grandfather left the farm as a very young man and decided to try his skill as an artist in Philadelphia. During that time he attended college and became an Engineer. He was very intelligent and became the chief Engineer for General Electric. After he married my grandmother he became involved in civic matters and was appointed to various boards in Philadelphia. He was also involved in other civic matters noted in the genealogy. He was interested in developing mass transportation and designed subway cars and systems. This lead to his appointment as the first Director of Transportation and to the Cabinet of the Mayor of Philadelphia, Mayor Wilson.
My mother Anna Marie Exley was born in Philadelphia. She would spend the summers at the Exley farm in Sullivan County. My Hatton family owned property adjoining the Exley farm and eventually my father, Ernest Arthur Hatton Sr. aks 1st., and mother met.My father moved to Philadelphia and attended college, later he served 35 years as a civil engineer for the City. I was born at Chestnut Hill hospital and lived with my Exley grandparents for a short time.
I married first Julia Ann Graviss, as noted, and had three children Ernest 3rd., Michael Eugene, and Deborah Kim. I married second Noreen Marie Vice, who I am now married to for 24 years. Noreen's ancestors on her mother's side are the Youngloves and Munsons, both families arrived in New England in the 1630s.Her genealogy is also noted.
We have one daughter.I will expand on my present family at a later date.
Through the Rowley family I descend from Edward Fuller of the Mayflower.
The Hatton family is more of a mystery having traveled back and forth from England over a lenghty period settling in America, Canada, Australia. The Hatton genealogy is also noted. The family originated in Chester England and moved into the Mid-March areas of England. During this period various family members sailed to America. To be continued...

Grave of Deacon Daniel Potter in Hartwick, N.Y.
Peace Church 2001 where August Oechsley [ Oechsle] is buried.