Family Civil War Letters
Camped Forte Washington
Little Washington, September the 26/63          D.W. Potter
Dear Brother, I take this opportunity of writing to you to inform you of my health which is not very good. I have had chills for four days everyday. I cannot write as fast as Ican. I think my hand trimbles so I have to write as fast as I can. I think that your plan was a verry good one about the chopping. I had rather pay you than anyone elce for it- will ...? the family you know if I buy your sheep maybe I had prob better get more then two akers choped. I want-to get some more stock besides. You did not tell me what kind of sheep I was buying -only you told me about-an old yoe. But-Iam not afraide of you a cheating me. I will take the sheep. Will it be too much brother to mark them and tell me their marke so I will know them if ever I get home. I wish you would make a fence around a little piece of ground and when you feed them Heaverlys things will not brother them. Iwill send some-money as soon as we get-payed off or if you need it-you can get some of the money that is at home. You can get-10 dollars . I will write to them if you wante me to about it. But I would like you to note untill me mak the payments. If I can get a chance to send some money before we make the payment. I could buy and pay for the sheep  now. I did not intend to buy any sheep untill they had to keep them up and then I would have them. I did not think the payment-come due in October or I would be prepared better. Ask Heverlys and Fleemens and Warbertons folks and all the other inquiring friends and a share for you and your family. If I do not get- none before the payments come due Iwill sell my grain -but -I think I will need .........? to get by not to .............? I will buy them sheep but- Ido not know-shure as I can pay you untill after I make my payment it depends in whether I get payed off now. I mean next weeak or not.- when we get payed off there is a clothing debt-to-come out of my months pay. But - I have gold 145 dollars a coming to me. I will get some of that tis payday. I will have my chills before long so please excuse me for this time. I have no time to correct-it-no more at preasat, this from your affectionate Brother G G Potter, tired as usual       Write soon
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I have a sword/saber like this one above our mantle. " It is from the Battle at Gettysburg."  Potters and Hattons fought for both the North and South ! A sad time.
One like this hangs in our home.
Sons of Civil War Veterans
Sullivan County, PA. Newspaper June 5, 1879. Clinton POTTER was brought home by his parents. He died in the Hosptol near Alendia, VA. He was in Battery  1, 1st. Reget. of US Artillery. Two others died at Gettysburg. Many more followed.
The Hymn playing is by Sir John Hatton.