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Brotzman Farm 1990
Brotzman Century Farm. Taken in 1960
Closer view of farm in 1990
Welcome to the Brotzman Site! Before I begin telling you about our "Family Site" I want to mention a wonderful friend, Mary Schweitzer. Mary was born August 18, 1917 and left us on August 12, 1995. She was a wonderful friend and inspired me to write my first book. I might not have done it without her encouragement. The song you are listening to is " Danny Boy" and Mary played it so beautifully! She played by ear and was such a wonderful friend. So, to Mary, from Carol..."Danny Boy."
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I also want to mention my friend Phyllis Bell Hamilton Lockwood. Phyllis gave me the courage to work on my second book. She was born November 19, 1927 and left us on July 29, 2002. Phyllis and  Mary carried me through the most difficult times in my life. They were both there for Dale and I. So, this is dedicated to both...God Bless these two Angels.
This is our land County line July 2002
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I want to express my deep "appreciation" to all who have been kind enough to place my work on the various Genealogy Sites. They are all wonderful people. God Bless all of you, Carol
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Dear family and Friends winter is upon us. We enjoyed the Christmas Season and had a wonderful Christmas program at Church. We hope your holiday was a safe and happy one as well. Time to continue with our research and to " catch up" with the rest of our family and friends. We have added a few more Winter
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